Sample of Questionnaire for SAMS (School Administration and Management System) in Hong Kong

SAMS-questionnaire (Word) (PDF Version)

Additional information concerning the SAMS-questionnaire

This ITEM WEB-site of WG3.7, TC3, IFIP contains the questionnaire used in a Hong Kong study funded by the RGC (Research Grant Committee) that was carried out to evaluate the implementation and impact of the Hong Kong School Administration & Management System (SAMS). Fung, Visscher, Wild & Selwood (1998) report at the 3rd ITEM Working Conference in Maine, July 1998 the preliminary findings of this study of the large-scale implementation of SAMS in all primary and secondary schools (about 1,200 schools) in Hong Kong. More in-depth analysis of findings from the study is found in Visscher, Fung & Phil (1998) in an article that has been submitted to a scientific journal.

The questionnaire is based on a research framework presented in Fung, Visscher, Wild & Selwood article and can be used by researchers in other countries to determine the state of the art of computer-assisted administration and management in schools in their country. It has been used already in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands and it is our hope that similar kinds of studies will be undertaken in more countries. This would enable the comparison of data collected across countries and help to refine our picture of the extent to which schools worldwide benefit from the possibilities of modern information technologies for the administration and management of schools. Such information can also give us insight into the problems encountered when implementing ITEM innovations and can contribute to the search of solutions for such problems.

Some guidelines for those who plan to use the questionnaire:

  1. Since the questionnaire has been developed for the Hong Kong situation the wording of the questions will have to be adapted to the country/school information system studied;
  2. In most cases the SAMS-questionnaire will be too long and will burden schools too much. We therefore have selected the questions that in our view are the most important ones: questions 1-4, 10, 13, 19-22, 24-26, 30-32, 34-42, 45-51.
  3. Adapt the following questions to reduce the burden on respondents to increase the response rate:
      Q. 9 (one question combining the 2 sub questions)

      Q. 11 (one general question on hardware)

      Q. 20 (one question combining both sub questions)

      Q. 34 (only one question for data entry options, one for data retrieval options, and one for data-output)

      Q. 49 (only include the last alternative "SAMS in operation").
  1. In Hong Kong the questionnaire was distributed to 4 types of respondents in each school: the principal, the school information system-administrator, a clerk/secretary, and one of the teachers. If you would like to reduce the number of respondents, we would recommend to skip the teacher (in general they do not use these systems much and the one selected teacher may not represent all teachers of a school);
  2. If you plan to use the questionnaire please contact us, we would like to know where the questionnaire is used and are happy to give you additional information (e.g. concerning the data-analysis techniques used) if required;
  3. It is important to draw the sample of schools carefully!
Good luck and we hope to hear from you,

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