IFIP TC3 Working Group 3.7 (ITEM)
Annual General Meeting
Darwin, Australia, 24th July 2008

Adrie Visscher (Chair) opened the meeting at 12:20pm and delivered his report.

Present: Adrie Visscher, Christopher O’Mahony, Ian Selwood, Tuuliki Paturi, Bill Davey, Arthur Tatnall, Greg Baker, Andreas Breiter, Don Passey.

Observers: Kathy Henschke, Audra Lukaitis, Jean-Paul de Blasis, Edvard Kostolansky, Alan Strickler, Ronald Bisaso.

1 Chairman’s Report:

Adrie Visscher (Chair) delivered his report, as follows:

  • Officers:
    • Chair - Adrie Visscher
    • Vice-chair – Andreas Breiter
      • Arthur Tatnall proposed a vote of thanks to Ian Selwood for being vice-chair.
    • Secretary – Chris Thorn
  • Adrie welcomed six new members of IFIP WG3.7. (Confirmed since the last meeting)
    • Jacques Bulchand, Maree Skillen, Andreas Breiter, Don Passey, Elspeth McKay, Brian Pawson.
  • New members: Adrie proposed Edvard Kostolansky and Ronald Bisaso as new members of IFIP WG3.7
  • Total membership is now 26
  • Change of name?  Adrie asked if the group should consider a name change away from ITEM, to more accurately reflect the scope of the group and to attract new members. (to be debated by executive and feedback to group…)

2 Minutes of last TC3 meeting (tabled by Ian Selwood)

  • Jan Wibe (current chair) comes to end of his term at TC3 in 2009
  • IFIP awards/rewards – Adrie Visscher (silver core) and Alex Fung – the group congratulated both award recipients.
  • Proposal that all WCCE proceedings be digitized – Ian reported that no further action has occurred on this topic as yet.
  • Working Group reports.  WG3.3 is still in process of publishing book on research in TC3.
  • WG3.7 – Adrie Visscher wrote report, tabled by Ian Selwood.  Discussion re joint conference in Botswana – expression of interest from 3.4 – Professional/vocational.
  • 3.7 is still the youngest working group.  There may be a new group – 3.8 – with a focus on Lifelong Learning (at present only a Special Interest Group).
  • New members – as per item Chairman’s Report.
  • Potential new group on Digital Literacy

3 National Reports:

  • WCC 2008 (Milan) was discussed.  Little contribution from TC3 (education).
  • WCCE2009 in Brazil was discussed.  Book/Proceedings to be edited by Arthur Tatnall, Ian Selwood and Anne McDougall.
  • Confirmation venue for 2010 Conference.
    • It was confirmed by Ian Selwood that WG3.7 was warmly invited to Botswana for the 2010 Conference.  This will take place in the last week of July 2010,  (25-29 July) in Kasane, in the northernmost corner of Botswana (close to borders with Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia). Cresta Mowana will be main conference center (close to Victoria Falls).
    • Botswana local organizers have made some good preparations already – ITEM members strongly encouraged to come.
    • Plan B – conference will move location to Germany.
  • Proposed venue for 2012 Conference.
    • Nomination received from Germany and the Netherlands (Andreas Breiter & Adrie Visscher).

4 Other Business:

  • Darwin debrief.
    • The 2008 ITEM conference has been a low-budget conference, but at least we’ve broken even.
    • Proceedings will be expected to be published by October 2008.

5 Vote of thanks.

  • CDO proposed a vote of thanks for Barbara and Arthur Tatnall.  Carried with acclamation.

There being no further business, the meeting was officially closed at 2:00pm.