Minutes of Annual General Meeting
14 July 2004


Members Present:  Alex Fung, Adrie Visscher, Christopher O' Mahony, Ian Selwood, Tuuliki Paturi, Toshio Okamato, Bill Davey, Arthur Tatnall, Connie Fulmer, Javier Osorio, Chris Thorn, Brian Samways.
In Attendance:     Some observers.

1          Alex Fung opened the meeting at 1:00pm and delivered his report (as tabled)

2          Alex welcomed two new members of IFIP WG3.7-V Chris Thorn and Rahul Mohan Bhatt.

3          Elections


3.1 Chair.  Alex Fung has completed six years as Chair, and so according to the group¡¦s constitution is ineligible to continue as Chair.  There being no other nominations, Adrie Visscher was elected unanimously.

3.2 Vice-Chair.  Nominations were received from Ian Selwood and Chris Thorn.  After a secret ballot, Ian Selwood was elected as Vice-Chair

3.3 These office bearers will take up their posts from January 2005, until December 2007.

4          Membership status of inactive members.


4.1 It was noted by the AGM that some previous members no longer qualified for membership, since they had not fulfilled the meeting attendance requirement as stated in the constitution.  (Active members must attend at least one meeting in the previous 4 years).

4.2 It was moved (Tatnall / O'Mahony) that the Chair and Vice-Chair take all reasonable steps to contact these inactive members, advise them of the situation, and to clarify their status before November 2004.

4.3 Brian Samways noted that it was important to ensure membership lists were as accurate as possible prior to November, in order to meet IFIP publication deadlines.

4.4 Connie Fulmer recommended that inactive members be warmly encouraged to participate in the 2006 Conference in Japan, and also that existing active members be used as a resource for contacting lapsed members.

5          Confirmation venue for 2006 Conference.

  5.1 It was confirmed by Toshio Okamato that WG3.7 was warmly invited to Japan for the 2006 Conference.  This will take place in the middle of July 2006, at a specific date and venue to be advised soon.

6          Proposed venue for 2008 Conference.


6.1 Nominations were received from both Australia and Botswana to host the 2008 Conference.

6.2 This was put to a vote, which included both members and observers.

6.3 The final vote was Australia -V 12, and Botswana -V 6.

6.4 The AGM duly accepted the invitation from Australia to host the 2008 Conference.

7          Other Business:


7.1 New members.  Brian Sanways reiterated the importance of seeking new members for the group.  It was resolved that:

7.1.1 Participants at the 2004 Conference who were not already members should be encouraged to join the ITEM group;

7.1.2 Existing members should actively recruit appropriate participants for the 2006 Conference in Japan.

7.1.3 The Chair and Vice-Chair should consider appropriate avenues to advertise the Group and its activities.

7.2 Links with other Working Groups.  Brian Samways noted that links already existed between individuals in other groups of TC3, but that this interaction should be continued and developed.

7.3 World Computing Congress.  Brian Samways reminded the group that the World Computing Congress will be held in Toulouse in ??? (very soon?)

7.4 WCCE2005.  Brian Samways reminded the group that this major TC3 conference will be held in Cape Town in July 2004, and all members were encouraged to participate.

7.5 TC3 Chairs and Vice-Chairs will be meeting in Budapest in Autumn 2006.  One of their agenda items will be to consider the strategic directions of each of the Working Groups for the next 8 years.

7.6 Vote of thanks.  Adrie Visscher proposed a vote of thanks for Alex Fung, as outgoing Chair.  This was seconded by Connie Fulmer, and passed with acclamation!

8          There being no further business, the meeting was officially closed at 2:00pm.